Peak Registration

Peak Construction Corporation is now utilizing the power of SmartBidNet to manage all of its Invitations to Bid, Addenda Notifications and all other related project correspondence. Note that every notification will include your User-name and Password across the top.

Once you’ve registered your company, please notify the Project Manager via email if there is a specific active project you’d like to bid.  The Project Manager will forward you an email with a link that will take you directly to the project information. The Project will include all of the Construction Documents required for a complete and comprehensive proposal from your company.

When you log in please indicate your intention to “Accept”, “Decline” or remain “Undecided” for the project by clicking the appropriate button.

You can download drawings, specs and other files for the project by clicking on the relevant folder to expand its contents, selecting the files to download and then clicking Zip & Download. This will download all of the construction documents for the project you have selected. You can also submit RFIs, Proposals and Notes through the system.

Before you log off, be sure to update your contact info, such as email, fax, etc., to make sure Peak Construction Corporation is sending you all projects that may be pertinent to your company and its scope of work.